Thursday, October 13, 2011

Literacy Work Stations

To go along with our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom book study, my students have been participating in Work Stations that reinforce the alphabet.

Playdough Letters
Students create the alphabet letters on these playdough mats.

Alphabet & Letter Sound Work
 missing letters
 beginning sounds
 vowel sounds
 ending sounds
These activities can be found {here}.

Students use letter tiles to fill in the missing letters.
We also have a Chicka Tree at this station, where students can reenact the story using Velcro-backed letters.

Alphabet Bean Bags Centre
{previously posted about here}

Students lay alphabet flashcards around the carpeted area of the classroom. Then they take the beanbags, and, taking turns, toss the beanbags onto the flashcard that has the same letter.

Letter Bingo
No explanation necessary, right?
Just one note: I have my students fill their entire card to win...they get some extra practice that way!

Organizing Student Work Stations
My students do one Literacy Work Station per day, and rotate through the activities until they have had a turn at each centre.

This is how I organize the student work stations:
I have students at each station, and they rotate through all the activities.
The group numbers and names do not change, I simply move the activity card over one space each day.

The 36 activity cards and headers are available {here}.
I find the visuals on the cards really help...most students go over to check out the chart each morning to see what they get to try that day!

For 10 instant Chicka Chicka-themed literacy activities, check out my pack {here}


Postcard Printing said...

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Deedee Wills said...

Anita! I love your bean bag alphabet activity. My kiddos would LOVE this! Thanks for linking up!Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Lisa said...

I love your literacy centres but I especially love the cards you made! Thanks for sharing.

Busy Bees said...

Your stations look great!! Just finished up a couple of weeks ago Chicka Chicka and can add some of your great ideas to it!!

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