Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Another Round of Daily 5!

OK, I seriously can't keep up with my life!
Here is a round of Daily 5 that I haven't blogged about yet
{and there are more that I've missed sharing too!}

Read With A Partner
Students rolled a die, then read the fluency phrase, then highlighted it...Roll, Read, & Highlight! It's from Cara's pack {here}

Read to Self
Here students got comfy on the carpet & pillows, reading 'Good Fit' books to themselves.

Listen to Reading
I am loving the free story time site Storyline Online {here} and so are the kids!

Word Work
In Spelling my students were working on short vowel words, so I just knew they would LOVE doing Reagan's 'Flipping Over Vowels' activity. Students recorded the word on their pancake, then flipped it over to reveal the word that has the same consonants, but a different vowel. Find the free activity {here}.

Work on Writing
Students have SO much choice in this station! They can make lists, label pictures, write opinions, narratives, or to inform. They can make up stories, write cards to someone, or write the room. And...so much more!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2D and 3D Shapes and a Geometry Scavenger Hunt!

We are wrapping up our study of 2D and 3D shapes. We've discussed the shapes' names and attributes. We've recreated shapes using various materials and searched for 3D solids in our classrooms. {see post here

This week we did a Geometry Hunt in the classroom.

Students searched the room for shapes, wrote down the shape's name and attributes on the recording page, or identified the shape as 2D or 3D.
This idea is a freebie from Briana Beverly{here}. I had to change it a wee bit to fit with the standards we have covered. It was a fun way to reinforce geometry learning and to make it active learning too!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Bright Idea: Flashlight Friday!

To make read-to-self a little more FUN, I have incorporated
I purchased these bright little LED flashlights at Target, in the dollar section. I thought it would be easier for students to have the same flashlights, and I love how small and bright these are.

During Flashlight Friday, students get their 'good fit' books, find any cozy space in the classroom, click on their lights...and READ!
It is amazing how the room goes quiet once the lights are turned out! I close the blinds and the door. It's really dark :)
Students read under their desks, on the carpet, on their flipped-over chairs with pillows, on the Ikea chairs...pretty much anywhere.
But the point is...they are READING.
A simple thing to do, but something they look forward to every.single.week.
And because it happens only once a week, it never gets old!

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