Friday, August 21, 2015

Back to School Activity: Selfies!

When we go back to school in September, this 'Selfie' page is on the top of our to-do list! It is a fun and engaging way for us to introduce ourselves at the beginning of the school year :)
{These would go PERFECTLY with an 'All About Me' theme too!}

The set is differentiated for various levels. 

One has blanks to fill in,
 Selfie {All About Me Craftivity}

another has room for writing sentences,
 Selfie {All About Me Craftivity}

and the third has space for writing as well as for drawing  themselves taking a selfie from another perspective! Students can draw or glue a photo of themselves in the phone, then make themselves from the back.
 Selfie {All About Me Craftivity}
 Selfie {All About Me Craftivity}

I received a sweet email from a teacher {Ms Bradley} who used this pack with her her 5th and 6th grade classes in Georgia. Check them out!

used with permission

She made it into a Character Traits lesson as well, and shared her marking rubric with me:

shared with permission

I love how this pack can be used for any grade level, and has lots of differentiation opportunities :) Thanks so much for sharing, Ms. Bradley!

You can find the Selfie {All About Me Craftivity} by clicking the pic below!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Just popping in...

...I know it's been awhile! Just wanted to share a little news
Let's get ready for Back to School!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

2 Day TPT Back to School Sale (August 3-4 2015)

Well, it's that time of year again...
Make sure you use the Promo Code BTS15 to receive an extra 10% off your purchases!

Just click the pics above, or the button below!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

FREE Back to School Teacher Checklists!

Well, my summer is officially at the half-way point!
 I have been enjoying my family, reading, and not thinking about school 'too' much :)
I did put together a nice little freebie for teachers who are prepping for back to school...
It includes 11 pages to help you remember what you'll need to begin your school year! Click the button below for the link.

I have also been VERY busy over at my TPT shop! I've revamped nearly ALL of my Freebies. If you have downloaded any in the past, it's time to head on over to re-download the "facelifted" versions!
I have also redone most of my products! I added activities, fixed up the fonts and added new graphics. If you have ever purchased anything from me in the past, you may want to see if you have the new and improved item!

And I have added lots of NEW products too! Here is a detailed look at a few of them:

'I Can' Statements for Second Grade Literacy and Math:

I also put the Literacy & Math Packs together as a Money-Saving Bundle!

I made some Interactive Notebooks for young learners!

I put the Alphabet and Number Interactive Notebooks together to create a Money-Saving Bundle!

I made a fun and engaging book study for Sneezy the Snowman!

 I always get SO many requests for editable schedule cards and classroom labels, so I made these two sets- they are 100% EDITABLE!

Another BIG unit I put together is this one All About Canada, perfect for kids in Grades 1-3!

Phew! Time for a break :) Just kidding! Back to creating :)
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