Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Bright Ideas Round Up {Anchor Charts, Task Cards, Flashlight Friday, and More!}

Welcome to the November edition of the Bright Ideas Link Up! This one is a special one! Over the past 10 months, we have shared thousands of great ideas through our monthly Bright Ideas event. This month, we're recapping all of those great ideas from the past several months:
Use a plate rack to hold task card accordion folders!
{Read about it here}

Have students read-to-self every Friday with flashlights in the darkened classroom!
{Read about it here}

Store your anchor charts on a clothing stand, so that your students can access them whenever they need to...and it doesn't take up space in your classroom!
{Read about it here}

Use sticky notes to allow students to contribute to it...and so that you can reuse your anchor charts again and again!
{Read about it here}

Use some magnetic letters to spell NOISE. Every time your room gets noisy, take away a letter. As soon as it spells NO, there is no talking allowed!
{Read about it here}

Have students recommend books they've enjoyed using a plate holder and a 'Like' sign!
{Read about it here}

Use file holders labelled with student names for their mail-simple!
(Read about it here}
I hope that you've enjoyed these Bright Ideas! Be sure to check out the link up below for even more!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Problem/Solution and Action in the Story!!!

We have had SUCH a good time learning about story elements. After completing units on characters and setting {see post here} we discussed the problem/solution in the story and the action {verbs}.


Using Lyndsey's problem detective pack (here) srudents read short stories where the characters were faced with problems. They tried to come up with some possible solutions to the problems in the story. Their discussions were PRICELESS! :)

Action {verbs}
We used Lyndsey's verb pack (here) to focus on the action in the story. Students rotated through stations to practice learning about verbs in engaging ways.

Here students are pulling a card with an action word on it, then acting it out to see who can guess it. (Like charades.)
Here students are looking around the classroom and listing all of the verbs they see.

Students performed plays by reading the script and acting out their parts.

In this activity, students drew cards with verbs on them, then copied the word and picture and used them in sentences.

Students looked for 'Walk of Fame' style stars around the classroom.

They had to read the sentence on the star, and identify the verb in the sentence. So fun!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Six FREE Place Value Games {Tens and Ones}

This week our class started a unit on Place Value. We started off with reviewing tens and ones. 
My students had a great time reinforcing concepts because they played tons of games to keep it engaging and fun!

This game is played just like the card game 'War', except that instead of comparing one card with your opponent, you compare two. Using only the number cards to 9, students turn over two cards at a time. The first card turned over is their 'ten', the second is their 'one'. Whoever has the highest number gets to keep all the cards. If both players turn over exactly the same number, they have a 'war', and whoever has the highest number gets all the cards. Play continues until one player loses all their cards. Look at how engaged the class is!


Everyone had a whiteboard and marker. They started the activity by making the grid. I called out a number, and students had to show the number by putting the right numbers in the tens place and the ones place, and also by expanding it to show it as an addition problem. After we had some practice with this, the partners took turns making up a number while their partner wrote it out.


This game is in our math workbook, but I have also seen it on blogs and Pinterest, and I like how this game incorporates active learning. Students worked in pairs, each taking turns to throw 5 googly eyes onto the target. Then they recorded their tosses on the recording page. The fun, free activity I used here is from Rachelle, and can be found {here}. 


For this activity you need to use a deck of cards, using only the number cards to 9. Students take turns turning over a card and putting it on their mat. Then they compared their number to their partner's number to see who made the highest number.


I called out a number and had students 'show me' with their base ten blocks, while others wrote it out on a whiteboard. We kept rotating the supplies to the next student with each number. This activity is so simple, yet so helpful for those visual learners who need to 'see' the number and what it is made up of.


Students rolled 2 dice to make their 2 digit number. They recorded the number under 'roll', drew the number the base ten way under 'make', and divided the number up into tens and ones under 'expand'.

Next week is Place Value with Hundreds, Tens, and Ones...stay tuned for more free learning games!

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