Sunday, October 04, 2015

Using Sticky Notes in the Classroom

All students LOVE using sticky notes {and teachers do too!} so it only makes sense to use these versatile little tools to aid in learning!
I have developed some products where students can use sticky notes in their reading. ANY kind of reading- fiction or non-fiction!
 These Sticky Note Bookmarks can be laminated for durability. Simply adhere the standard sized 3" Post-It Notes in the spaces, and have students fill in the key information and questions they have about their reading texts. Perfect for ANY subject!
Find it {here}
 I also made 'My Reading Notes' Sticky Note Bookmarks that use the smaller sized 2" x 1.5" Post-It Notes. Here students can fill in important information, their questions about the text, and reflect on what they liked in the reading. 
Find it {here}
 My Sticky Note Learning pack is full of generic graphic organizers that can be used to help students develop their thinking in ANY subject and for ANY topic.
 Perfect for project planning, research, and more!
Find it {here}

Sticky notes make learning

Monday, September 28, 2015

SPARKLE! Spelling Ideas for Your Classroom

Spelling can be a boring subject to teach {and learn!} when using a spelling program and workbook.

We play Sparkle to practise weekly word lists in an effort to keep spelling words fun, engaging, and educational:
Students stand in a circle. I say the word to spell. One student says the first letter of the word, and we continue to go around the circle spelling the word, one letter at a time per person. 

When the word is finished, the next person in the circle says "Sparkle!" and the next person has to sit down.  Students who say the incorrect letter (either because they don't know how to spell the word or because they weren't paying attention) also have to sit down. Play continues until we are through the word list or when there is one player left standing.

I love how this game does not highlight those students who cannot spell the words correctly- there is always one person who will be 'out' after each word is spelled. In this way it is fairly random who ends up 'winning', because it is just a lucky break when they are not next to the person who has said Sparkle. :)

My students LOVE this 'game'.

Find more free and fun Spelling activities your students will LOVE {here}

Saturday, September 19, 2015

What's in My Writing Center?

Work on Writing is a favourite part of our Daily 5 rotation. I think it's because there is something for everyone! 
Students have freedom to choose what they'd like to write. They are given LOTS of choice. There's something for everyone, from reluctant writers to those who love to write.
Students can use a variety of fun tools. 
{pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, pencil crayons/colored pencils, a date stamp, staplers, tape, hole punch}
And there is so much allowance for differentiation that any student at any writing ability level will feel successful and inspired to create!
Here is what's in my autumn writing center:

These are great for hesitant writers, students who are want to spell words correctly, and for those who need practice with copying words. They are also a wonderful tool to help with expanding thematic vocabulary, since students can "read" what it says because of the picture cues.
find it {here}

write the room
This is another great option for students who don't know what to write about, or for those who need to get up and move as they work. Students take a paper and write down words, phrases, sentences, numbers, or other print they see around the classroom.

sticker stories
Students take stickers from the sticker bin and use them as part of their story's illustration, then write about the things on their stickers in their stories. The stickers may be characters or used as part of the setting.
They add details to the stickers to make illustrations for their stories.

story bubbles

I purchased these 'Story Bubbles' from Tara at 4th Grade Frolics {here}. They are random characters that I've linked together with a binder clip. Students write stories using all the characters in the pack. They are fun story writing prompts!

journal prompts
This set of prompts is about the students themselves. There are lots of story or journal prompts that have students writing about their thoughts or opinions. It is from my Journal Prompts for Primary Students pack.

labelling pages
Labelling pages provides students with practice matching pictures to words in the Word Bank. There are lots of thematic, seasonal choices found in the Let's Label! pack.

thematic writing pages & thematic word wall words
I have the autumn writing paper stationary {with both primary and plain lines} and thematic word wall cards available in the writing center. Students can use the word wall cards for reference in spelling word they may need, or use them for idea inspiration.
Find the Back to School Word Wall cards {here}, the Autumn Word Wall cards {here} and the Thematic Writing Pages {here}

word wall
Another important component of the writing center is a Word Wall. This is where students can find out how to spell a common word that does not follow regular spelling conventions. It's a big, visual, accessible dictionary. This set is from Teaching in the Tongass.

opinion writing, narrative writing, writing to inform
I just love these sets from Lyndsey! There are tons of writing papers and prompts for students to share opinions, write to inform, or create narratives. Find them {here}

lined & unlined paper {to write "books"}
cards & envelopes
I have a collection of blank cards and envelopes that students may use to write notes to friends, family members, people who are sick, etc. 
This week I had a student say that one reason writer's write is to be kind to other people.
Every Day is a Story

Monday, September 14, 2015

Math About Me

Math About Us!
We made these 'Math About Me' craftivities to connect numbers to personal experiences.
It was fun to compare answers, too!
 This is a free resource {here} from Amanda at First Grade Garden- love it! 

 We also did some 'Selfies', where we shared a little bit about ourselves!
 Some of their responses were precious.

 I would love to be able to do a double flip in the air too!


You can find the 'Selfies' {here}
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