Friday, September 30, 2011

Word Work Centre

Today I introduced new Literacy Activity Centres, one of which is a Word Work station. I stay at the Word Work station to help the small group of four students work through the activity.

First, I put on my princess tiara. This means that Mrs. Bremer is busy, and no one from the other stations may talk to me/ask me questions...unless one of the three B's is taking place: if they are Bleeding, Barfing, or need to go to the Bathroom. {Emergencies only}
It works like a charm!

Next, I show my small group the new sight word story. I have it mounted on sentence strips and placed in a pocket chart.
Today, the new sight word was like, so we highlighted that word in each sentence using these coloured transparent cards:
This is what it looks like on the pocket chart:
Then I gave each student their own copy of the sight word book. I get all of my books from a great website here at Hubbard's Cupboard.
We looked through each page of the book, searching for the sight word like. They highlighted the sight words on each page.
Then my students and I read the book aloud together, as they tracked print with their fancy fingernails.
{See here for my earlier post about these word-tracking beauties.} 
When we've been through the book, we put it aside and take out our sight word practice sheet. The students copy the sight word onto it for practice at home. I love this page...especially because it says right on it to 'hang it on the fridge'. 
I found the page here at Growing Kinders.
The word then gets mounted on my high-five chart, which hangs by the classroom door.

Students read the word aloud & high-five it as they head out the door for dismissal.
Learn about this activity {here}

Update: you can get the High Five chart...a new and improved version...{here}!!!
 The components for this Literacy Activity Centre are kept in a colour-coded tray, with the removable label I posted about here.


Kayla said...

Hi Anita! We loved your word work center ideas and featured them at our blog, Kindergarten Lesson Plans!

You can find the full feature here:

We were sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link back to your blog, but we'd love for you to take a look at it!

Have a wonderful day,

Kathleen said...

Hi! You have an adorable blog. I just wanted to let you know that you are citing the source of the sight word page wrong. It is actually from my blog. Here is the link to the original post:

I would really appreciate it if you used that link each time you post it. :) Citing correct sources in the blog world is just as important as in college! Thanks!!

Growing Kinders

Anita said...

@Kathleen If you click the link I provided in my post it leads to a Scribd page posted by the person I've named, & that's where I found it...not sure why it's there and is on your blog too?? They look the same to me! It's a great page though :)

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