Friday, November 02, 2012

Mystery Bags!

Now that GTKY is over {here},
we are on to
I sent home a paper bag with a note explaining the activity:

This is a FUN class activity that reinforces letter sounds.

One person per day presents their Mystery Bag to the class.

Today we had our first presenter...this cutie's first name starts with letter "C". 

She brought a secret item in the paper bag that begins with the first letter of her first name.

The rest of the class tried to guess what was in her Mystery Bag.

Eventually they guessed it....


Which she generously shared with the whole class :)

Then she completed a booklet page, with the letter C on top. It tells what she brought, and includes an illustration.

{I forgot to take a picture of her completed sheet...dang!}

When the whole class has had their turn, all of the pages will be assembled into a class book, which will be placed in the classroom library.

{It will be popular!}

You can find a copy of the entire activity {here}.


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