Wednesday, September 05, 2012

First Day of School Fun {and Freebies and a FLASH SALE}

It was my first day back to school I thought I'd share what we did
{before I fall over LOL}

This morning I read from Max Lucado's book You Are Special, and did this little lesson from Cara.
Before I read the story, I had my students sit in a circle. I passed a red paper heart to one of my students, and instructed him to crumple the heart a little bit when he heard something that was unkind in the story, then pass the heart on to the next person. By the end of the story our heart looked like this:
I had my students put band-aids onto the heart to show that even though we can't completely fix the heart, we can try to make people's hearts feel better. Their names are printed on the bandaids:

We hung the heart under our school's theme {simplified version} that describes attributes we should show:
compassion, gentleness, kindness, patience, humility
{Big words & concepts, but explained well at their level with the heart lesson...and with "bucket-filling", which will be introduced later this week!}

Here's my bulletin board ready for the bucket-filling lesson:
It will be a visual reminder to always be kind, and to "fill people's buckets".
If you'd like a copy of my bucket-filling forms, you can find them here:

Today we also:
tweeted on our Twitter door


completed this 1st day of school page from my Back To School Booklet

filled in our First Day of School Impressions sheet to let our parents know that our first day of school was FANTASTIC
made this School Is Cool bulletin board from Miss Kindergarten

 To celebrate my first day back to school, I'm putting on a little flash sale!

Monster ABC pack
77 page pack, 10 activities
$5.00 $3.75


alphabet cards, uppercase & lowercase

various write the room activities

letter sorting activities

In My Name/Not In My Name activity

I Have, Who Has letter game- both uppercase & lowercase included
and much more!
Sale starts NOW
and ends tomorrow {Thursday} at 9:00PM= 24hrs from now

Follow the link below:


Jennifer said...

CUTE CUTE everything is CUTE! First day about killed me! Who knew talking all day could be so exhausting?!
Rowdy in First Grade

Stacie said...

Very cute! I like the idea of crumpling the heart each time they hear an unkind word and then putting bandaids on.

Greg said...

I love the twitter door! During our afternoon meeting we share 1 thing we learned that day...I'm going to start a twitter door where we can share our learning!! Thanks for the inspiration!

I'm a new follower! Check out my manly kindergarten blog!


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