Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hearing...and Shopping for Antiques

This week's guided reading lesson featured Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr.  This book also coincides with November's 5 Senses theme, with its focus on the sense of hearing.

I have the characters of the story printed for use on a storyboard, which students use to sequence the story.
The pictures are from and can be found here.

The flannel board can be found at your local antique shop.
{Does anyone else even HAVE one of these anymore?}

We also used the pictures to graph our favourite characters from the story:
I'm feeling a little sorry for the main love from my class :(

These Sound Jars are a fun way to reinforce the sense of sound.
Small items are placed in the containers, and students shake them and try to find the two matching sounds.

Here are the items in my containers:

The bottoms of the jars are colour-coded for self-checking
{aka cheating}:

For all you young people out there, these containers are called film cannisters. In the olden days they used to hold film. Film is something that was once used in cameras. Just Google it. They can be found at an antique store near you.

Another game that my students always love to play is
and it requires a tape recorder. A tape recorder is an ancient device used to play cassette tapes. Perhaps you could Google that too.

They may be found near the flannel boards and film cannisters at the antique store.

{On a side note, while I started this post fairly upbeat about sharing some great ideas about sound, I have finished this post feeling a little embarassed by the resources I'm using... but I am not jealous of you other teachers.
Now excuse me as I catch up on my blog-stalking...ooh, this looks interesting, a post about Smartboard apps....whatever that is...maybe I should Google it...}


Kristin said...

HA! Love it!!!! :) :) :) And I don't know what a Smartboard is, either! (although it's not for lack of trying) :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Crayons and Curls said...

Thanks for my morning laugh!!!! I don't know what a Smartboard is either, but I wish I did! Other schools in our district have them. :(
One day..... Anywhooo, I have a bunch of those antique film canisters in a box in my cabinet waiting to be used, so this is a great activity to pull them out! Thank you! :)Cheryl
Crayons and Curls

Anonymous said...

I use to love What's that sound but lost my old cassette set over time. I was lucky enough to find it online though! Print off your own big cards and the sounds are the same from the original

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