Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Following Directions

Do you have a handful of students in your class who are like mine?

You know the ones. They listen intently as you explain the task they are to do. They watch closely as you demonstrate the activity in great detail.

Then, as soon as they get to their table, they proceed to open their gluestick and smear glue all over their paper. Why? There is nothing for them to stick on it yet! Others start cutting out their pictures without colouring them first. Sound familiar?

While spending time on Pinterest, I came across a chart that is PERFECT for students who need that visual reminder of how exactly to do their work. Here is the chart I have hanging in my classroom:

The direction icons can be manipulated in order to correspond with the activity you are doing. Velcro dots are attached to the chart as well as on the icons themselves.

This fabulous chart is from Alicia Lochridge at First Grade Factory. The chart icons can be downloaded here. Problem solved!


Crayons and Curls said...

Love! I have been writing (or really drawing) the directions on the board everyday and I have some who still do not follow the directions! Maybe your cuties will get their attention! Thanks for sharing! :)

Hadar said...

I LOVE this! I blogged about how it was a miracle worker in my classroom! Best idea ever!!


Liz Mccaw said...

These are terrific. I made them this week and used them on Friday. Even though it is spring there are still a couple of younger students who really used this extra support. Thank you.

Liz @

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