Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumn Art

Today my class participated in three Autumn art activity stations. They were led by a parent volunteer /former teacher. Here are the three stations they worked at:

Handprint Tree/Fingerprint Leaves
Students make a handprint on the tree trunk for branches, then use their fingertips to add colourful fall leaves.

Tissue Paper Leaves
Each student received a construction paper leaf outline, with one side covered in contact paper. They filled the inside of the outline with squares of coloured tissue paper.

The finished leaves in our classroom windows:

Marble Art Pumpkins
Students received pumpkin-shaped construction paper, which was placed in a box lid. The lid also had two marbles inside. Students tipped their boxes back and forth so that the marbles would roll around and cover their pumpkin with lines of paint.
Thank you Mrs. J! The class had a great time!


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