Friday, March 30, 2018

April Fool's Day Freebie!

Here's a free download for April Fool's Day!
A fun April Fool's Day trick to play on your students, including a free download! Grades 1-3 #aprilfools #freebies #1stgrade #2ndgrade #3rdgrade
A couple years ago I gave my class a fun word search to do on April Fool's Day.

Too bad for them that none of the words are hidden in the puzzle!

It took them awhile, but after some time of frustration they realized the trick!

You can find the download {here}
Have fun!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Favorite Spring Books for Kids

It's finally spring! 
Let's talk about kids' favorite books with a spring theme!
A big list of favorite Spring books for kids! Book study companion activities to go with each book. Packed with fun ideas and guided reading literacy activities. Common Core aligned. K-2 #spring #kindergarten #1stgrade #2ndgrade #bookstudies #winterbooks #literacy #guidedreading
 Eric Carle's book The Tiny Seed is a fantastic book for spring! It takes us along on a seed's journey as it blows off of a plant and gets planted itself, growing into its own seed-bearing flower. I love how Carle describes what may happen to seeds (they may get eaten by birds, dried up by the sun) and what happens to plants (people may pick them, step on them). 
I have created a pack to go along with the book The Tiny Seed. It includes book activities as well as scientific teaching with photos of the life cycle of a plant. Find it {here}

Another Eric Carle favorite for spring is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This book takes us through the life cycle of a caterpillar as it turns into a butterfly.
I have created this pack of activities that go with the book, as well as scientific learning that includes photos and activities to learn about the life cycle of a caterpillar. Find it {here}

 This story is a fun read! Students in the story plant a garden at their school to learn about plants, and a pesky gnome causes lots of trouble for them!
You can find an activity pack for this fun story {here}.

 This is a class favorite! Students LOVE to read the worm's diary, to see what life is like underground.
I've created this pack to go along with the book. It includes a writing activity section called "Diary of a Kid', where your students can tell about their own lives! Find it {here}

 This book by Jan Brett is about growing plants, teamwork, and sharing. It's a fun spring-themed book!
I've made this pack to go along with the book, which includes a community-building theme! Find it {here}

 This book takes students on a trek in the outdoors, exploring what you would see on a nature hunt in spring. It's also a great book that emphasizes sequence of events.
Find my companion pack {here}

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Hey K-2 Teachers- We're Giving Away $50 Amazon Gift Cards!

Hey K-2 teachers! 
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