Monday, April 03, 2017

Poetry Month!

April is Poetry Month!
It's a unique genre to have students read. It also involves the introduction of different formats in student writing activities. 
I have created this poetry pack that introduces students {Grades 2-6} to 10 different types of poems, and includes formats on how to write them!
Acrostic Poems
Diamante Poems
Quinzaine Poems
Rhyming Pairs
Cinquain Poems
Alliteration Poetry
Onomatopoeia Poems
Repeated Words Poems
Cut & Paste Poems

Graphic organizers help students to organize their thoughts and make sure they have all of the required components included. 
Here they are peer editing, see them counting to make sure there are enough syllables in each sentence? :)
Writing pages include space for illustrations and a header for their poem's title.

You can find it all {here}


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