Thursday, December 31, 2015

Savor the New Year

I don't make New Year's resolutions. It feels like every time I've tried, I end up feeling disappointed and beating myself up if I don't stick to them. Life is hard enough! I haven't made resolutions for several years now, and that's OK!
That doesn't mean I live my life without goals, however. But my goals are not limited to a calendar year, nor are they unattainable. They are meant to keep me mindful.

I want to savor the new year.
Take time to enjoy. To process things. To be aware.

That's not the same as BALANCE. Balance can be a frustrating goal because sometimes life's just too unpredictable. 
And busy! For myself that includes teaching, taking courses, creating curriculum, blogging, presenting, doing household chores, going to meetings, church, being a wife and a mom of 3, driving the kids all over the place... There are meals I never taste, shows I never watch, conversations I hear part of, books I skim through. The year flew by, and it's been a whirlwind.
But it IS possible to slow down a little bit. Go outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. Enjoy a song on the radio. Eat slowly so you can actually taste the food. Smell the flowers in your backyard. Turn your face up to the sun and feel its warmth. Listen to your child's whole story, with full attention. Enjoy a bird's song. 
Savor things.
Take some time, every now and then, to savor the experiences of the new year!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Snow Much Fun! {a winter activity pack freebie}

Looking for a few fun free activities to do with your students to bring in the winter season?
FREE winter themed activity pack to ring in the season! Includes word jumbles, acrostic poems, making words activities, and more.
This freebie pack includes word jumbles, acrostic poems, and making words activities...all about winter.

Find it {here}

Find more winter activities on my Pinterest page

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Snowmen at Night...and More Snowman Themed Books & Activities!

Although it feels like spring, winter has officially arrived!
It's time to pull out the winter books, and have fun learning with 
A big list of favorite SNOWMAN themed books for kids! Book study companion activities to go with each book. Packed with fun ideas and guided reading literacy activities. Common Core aligned. K-2 #winter #kindergarten #1stgrade #2ndgrade #bookstudies #bookstudy #winterbooks #literacy #guidedreading #bookcompanion #bookcompanions #1stgradereading #2ndgradereading #picturebookactivities #kindergartenreading
These are some of the most popular snowman books, and kids just LOVE them :) 
From silly Sneezy and all of his problems, to solving the mystery of the missing mitten, students enjoy figuring out solutions to the problems in the books. 
And what child doesn't love using his or her imagination to think about what snowmen do at night...or at Christmas?!

Just in time for winter, I have made some engaging & educational activities to go with each book. They are available as individual book companions...and better still, I bundled them all into one big, discounted pack.
Find it all {here}
Kids favorite snowman themed books with companion activities to go with each one.

Find more winter books & activities on my Pinterest page
Keep warm, and have a blessed Christmas!
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