Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Geometry with 2D Shapes and their Attributes {freebie!}

We have been reviewing the common 2D shapes, and have begun to use math vocabulary to describe the attributes of these shapes.

After reviewing the shapes' names and their attributes, it was time to get hands-on.
First, students had to build the shapes using popsicle sticks.

Then they had to fill in their form- the shape's name, a drawing of the shape they created, and how many sides and corners it has.

I was waiting for the students to make a 'circle' with the sticks, but right away one smartie-pants pointed out that they wouldn't be able to do so using the sticks....awesome!

Then it was time to find the corners, sides, and parallel lines.

You can find the recording pages {here} and {here} for free!


Kayla Root said...

Such a quick idea to put together! I am planning to use this in my math centers next week. Thanks for sharing!
The Chalkboard Garden

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