Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Six FREE Addition Games to Practice Math Fact Fluency!

After working on number families and making sets to ten, it was time to work on addition fact fluency.
We have been doing this in many FUN and engaging ways!
This fun game is from kidscount1234.com. One student is the math fact maker, the others try to figure out what the missing addend is. Students close their eyes while the fact maker hides some colored chips under the bowl and puts the rest of the chips in the open for the group to see. The others open their eyes and count the chips that are showing, then have to figure out what number is missing (is hidden under the bowl) that will add up to ten.

This amazing game is from Teaching in the Early Years. For this math game, students work in groups of 3, using a deck of cards with numbers 2-10. One player's job is to figure out the sum, the other two need to figure out the addends. Play begins with two players taking a card and holding up to their foreheads. They may look at each others' cards, but not their own. The player whose job it is to figure out the sum looks at both cards the players are holding up and mentally adds the numbers together, then announces the sum aloud. The players who are holding cards up must look at the other's card and try to figure out what card they are holding up aka the missing addends.

This game is also from kidscount1234.com. Students take turns rolling 2 dice and adding the numbers together, then tracing the number that makes the sum. First one to trace ALL the numbers is the winner! Great practice for the beginning of the year, reminding students how to print the numbers properly.

In this game, students roll 2 dice together, write down what numbers they rolled, and add the two numbers together. This activity is from lessonplandiva.com {here}


This game is from First Grade Schoolbox. All you need for each group is a deck of cards {with just the number cards} and these math mats from the School Bell. Students are working together as groups to fill in the addition problems on the mats.
Look how totally engaged the entire class is!


This game is also from First Grade Schoolbox. Students choose a domino out of the box and place it on their recording sheet, copy the dot patterns, then add the 2 numbers together.


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