Monday, September 08, 2014

Daily 5!

This week we started the Daily 5!
Here are the five stations that students rotated through this week:

 These magazine folders have the students' numbers on them, and are {now} filled with good-fit books!

At 'Read With a Partner', students take turns reading fluency phrases to each other {from Cara's pack}. They can even choose to read with a 'special voice' eg. like a pirate, whisper, etc. and use these microphones to speak into as they read :)


 There are SO MANY choices at the 'Work on Writing' area! Here is Lyndsey's pack, where students can choose a writing prompt and write about their opinion, write to inform, or write a narrative.
 There's also plain paper, lined paper, stationery, sticker stories (the turquoise pail has stickers in it)...
my lists and word cards, Tara's writing pack, with writing letters to someone, making cards for someone, Tara's story starters,  my labelling pages....
 my writing topic prompts, story bubbles, clipboards to 'write the room'....something for everyone!

Here students are practicing their spelling words by writing them out, then figuring out what the secret codes would be when using the buttons on their cell phones.

 At 'Listen to Reading', students listen to a story on the free Storyline Online site, then fill in a writing response page to tell about the story.
Daily 5 is a HUGE hit in our classroom! I love how students are practicing important literacy skills at their own pace, in fun and engaging ways!


Alisha Boeringa said...

Hi, Anita! I am very interested in learning more about Daily 5 for my Gr.1/2 classroom. Do you think that this is doable for a multi-grade classroom? How much time do you allot to this for each day? I am starting out with a weird schedule next September, and I'm wondering if this will work for me. I love the hands on and active learning. This looks like so much fun for the students!

Anita said...

Hi Alisha, YES! Daily 5 would work perfectly for a mixed grade classroom, as it is very multi-level. I have a 40 minute period for Daily 5. If you have any questions about how I run my Daily 5 period, feel free to email me at

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