Sunday, March 02, 2014

Feelings Art...Picasso Style!

In February our theme was "My Feelings". We covered several emotions, and discussed times when we felt these ways, why we felt the way we did, and how we could respond to our emotions. This learning was extended into an Art lesson, led by Mrs. J!
Art activities that show Picasso's style!
She talked about how we look when we have certain feelings.
Here some kiddos are checking out their angry faces in a mirror.
Then the class got to work, using scraps of colored construction paper to create some pictures that show various feelings.

Here are some faces that were made.
This fella is clearly sad...even his head is shaped like a teardrop!

Angry eyebrows and a big frown.

Excited! Look at the wide eyes, the smile, and the crazy hair!
Another sad face...with lots of tears and scrunched up eyes. A giant frown. Even the hair looks depressed.
This guy is scared. He's blue, and his mouth shows uncertainty.

The students were introduced to some works by Pablo Picasso.
Students learned about complimentary colors aka color buddies!
They made a Picasso-style face using pastels...

and painted them in, using complimentary colors for each half of the face.


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