Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Olympic Winter Games Themed Literacy!

The winter games are coming soon! Use the Olympic-sized excitement in your classroom to teach your students lots of literacy skills!
Winter Games Pack
The Winter Games pack includes a sight word reader that will introduce students to the names of various events while reinforcing sight words.
Winter Games Pack
There is a fun Write the Room activity to get your students moving around the room for some active learning.
Winter Games Pack
Students will practice ABC order, Olympics-themed vocabulary, syllable sorting...and so much more!
Winter Games Pack
They can even work together to create a class book, describing how they are all talented!
A great way to showcase EVERYONE!
Winter Games pack
Check it out!
To have your class participate in your own version of Olympic games, check out the Nursery Rhyme Olympic ideas I posted about {here}
Nursery Rhyme Olympic games for Kindergarten
Let the games begin!!!


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