Sunday, May 26, 2013

Planning Ahead {and freebies for you}

A few weeks ago I pulled out my End of the Year Checklist. It includes things to get done before summer break...and to get ready for next year!
I feel more relaxed during the summer knowing that {almost} everything is ready to go for the first week of school. Am I crazy?! Does anyone else do this?
So here's what I have been up to in my "spare" time:
I got myself this pretty new 2013-2014 dayplanner @ Target

I laminated the cubby labels
EDITABLE Owl labels- you can use them for anything!
find the labels {here}
and laminated the nameplates
FREE owl themed nameplates for your classroom!
find the FREE nameplates {here}
I've made student name cards for the Word Wall, for pocket chart activities, and for seating assignments

The Communication Bags {aka mail bags} are labelled
First day of school impression forms are photocopied and filed
FREE download- first day of school and how students feel, what they did, etc
find the FREE forms {here}
I am still getting my booklets and worksheets photocopied and filed, the
Sight Word Sticker Books made
Sight word sticker books are a great tool for helping keep track of words that have been mastered and words to work on- a great motivator!

Sight word sticker books are a great tool for helping keep track of words that have been mastered and words to work on- a great motivator!
find the sight word sticker books {here}
putting together my assessment binder
Owl themed assessment pack for PreK-Kindergarten
find the assessment forms {here}
I am also getting my teacher binder ready to go!

Teacher binder inserts to organize my teacher planner!
find the planner inserts {here}
I keep track of all I've done & need to do with this:
FREE download- teaching planner that is EDITABLE!
find the editable, FREE download {here}

Please tell me that you do some prepping for next year in June too :)
How many days to you have left? Are you finished already?
I have 9 1/2 more days with my students, then some meetings and clean-up days.


Second-grade-alicious said...

wow look at you go!! Good for you for getting ready for September. I wait until August to do that.
I didn't realize there were schools in Ontario that were done before the end of June! I thought we all went until June 28.

Sarah Hankinson said...

I'm amazed that you have names for next year already! I get my class list on the first day of teacher work week and it's challenging to get everything labeled and ready to go in a few, short days!

Before I leave for summer, I have my behavior calendars and reading logs copied and organized. It takes an enormous amount of time!

Learning is for Superstars
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Kristin said...

I still do not know who will be in my class for 2013-2014.

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