Friday, March 16, 2012

SPRING! and all things -ing

{well, it feels like it, anyway}
What better time to introduce the ending -ing.
Learning about the ending -ING
I had my students print an ing sentence on a sentence strip.
Learning about the ending -ING
I was sleeping.

Then I had them circle the ing in their sentence.
Learning about the ending -ING

Learning about the ending -ING

Learning about the ending -ING
They were quite proud to wear these home!!!
Learning about the ending -ING
...except some of the girls were wondering why they had to be called the
'King of ing' instead of the 'Queen of ing'

I have created a pack full of hands-on, engaging activities that go well with teaching about -ING:
Learning about the ending -ING
Here's a peek at what's inside:
Learning about the ending -ING

Learning about the ending -ING
You can check out the pack {here}


Alessia Albanese said...

Such a great idea! I will be using this next month for sure! Thanks for sharing!

ΡΌ Alessia
Mrs. Albanese’s Kindergarten Class

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Love this!
First Grade Blue SKies

Stacy Johnson said...

My kids loved it! So glad yours did too! Thanks for the shout out!

Mrs Johnson’s First Grade

Wolfelicious said...

Love the crowns!! I am sure your kiddos really enjoyed this activity.


Lori said...

Saw this on Pinterest! Thank you so much! It goes with what I am teaching this week. :)
Conversations in Literacy

Lori said...

I used your crown yesterday and today! I posted about it today and linked back to you!
Conversations in Literacy

Inspired in Second said...

I love this idea! I just created a Queen of -ing template {if you're interested} and linked back to this post. Thanks for sharing!
- Amanda
Inspired in Second

Ellen Stouffer said...

Anita, May I use one of your ideas from your blog in a painting I do for a calendar called
"Time For School" You can go to my blog to see my 2013 school calendar. I am working on the 2014 right now. Thank you for your consideration. I taught art for 25 years.

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