Friday, August 26, 2011

Free For All Friday

It's the last day of Teacher Week ~ Free For All Friday!

Today's post is meant to share a teaching printable I've made.
Confession time: newbie blogger = I don't know how to create a document to share.
So I will steal borrow one of my favourite ideas from Kindertastic.

Does anyone else have this emergency crisis occur daily in your classroom?
You know, when your student is reading a book, and a page gets amputated? This situation marks the end of the world, so, teacher, drop everything and fix it the way, "I just found it like that, I didn't do it!"  :)
If this sounds like something that happens to you, I highly recommend one of these:
This is genius.
Students can calmly place their broken book into the Book Hospital and carry on with their day.
And you can fix the book when you have time.
You can find the downloadable bin label here.

On another note: I am having a really hard time commenting on people's blogs, unless their settings are open to anyone commenting...someone care to help me out here? Thanks!


Ms. Patterson said...

I had this same problem when I first started and the solution, at least for me was quite simple! You have to sign into blogger each time you use it! If your computer is like mine then if would remember the information and just go straight to your dashboard without you signing in. Un-check the box that says remember me and then sign into your blogger account.

Now when you try to comment you should see your name in the Comment as box! You can try it out on my blog. Let me know if it works for you

Ms. Patterson
Pocket Full of Kinders

William Smith said...

Your book hospital design is very cute. Is that a sticker, paint, something else?

Anita said...

Hi William- I printed the picture out on paper & attached it to a bin with mactac.

Ms. Patterson said...

I am glad that it worked for you!

As long as you keep it open you should not have to log back in.

Ms. Patterson
Pocket Full of Kinders

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