Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where It All Goes Down

So, finally, my classroom is set up & ready for the kids to arrive!

Attendance Pocket Chart
Who is here today?
Our first day of Kindergarten is next week Wednesday.

Cubby Area
This is where my students will enter the classroom & store their belongings.

The shelf beside the doorway holds Lost & Found items and my students' indoor shoes.

Looking In
Facing the classroom from the cubby area:

On the left is the Writing Centre & Listening Centre

This desktop organizer holds pencils, erasers, clipboards, word folders, and index cards with the students' names written on them for copying.

Students can choose what type of paper they want to write on: plain, lined, or with thematic pictures/borders.

The tables are on the right:

The Word Wall is located next to the tables, for easy reference.

Buckets of supplies are also next to the tables.

There are buckets for pencils, erasers, scissors, glue sticks, and markers.

Water Play
A large sink with lots of faucets makes for great water play!

Carpet Area

Ikea storage system used as a divider:

Bulletin board used for Morning Routine activities, including class jobs, calendar activities, days at school count, and the weather.

The class jobs involve distributing various supplies to each table, including paper, pencils, erasers, crayons, glue sticks, & scissors. There is also the important job of being 'line leader' for the day.

Whooo's in Kindergarten? Just me, for now...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

More Pinterest-Inspired Creations

While cruising around Pinterest, I found a couple of great activities to use for Kindergarten activity centers.
umber Activities for early elementary kids: hands-on math activities, perfect for Math Centers!

Wondering what to do with the extra two thousand Highlights stickers you have accumulated? Here's a great hands-on activity to practice counting.

I found this great idea on Pinterest that comes from Tunstall Times!
You can use up more stickers making some ordinal number strips. Place stickers across a strip of heavy duty paper, grab a clothespin, and you're all set. Here the clothespin is showing the sticker in 5th place.
*You can even use stickers that go with your unit topic to make it more thematic.

I also got busy creating the following activities. They will be used as my first Literacy Centers. Students will use magnetic letters or letter tiles to complete these tasks!

uppercase & lowercase

beginning sounds

vowel sounds

ending sounds

The above activities and more are available {here}.
The set includes practice with:
beginning sounds
ending sounds
vowel sounds
CVC words
alphabetical order/missing letters
Then I got busy making a few activities that will be used as my first Math Centers. Students will complete the tasks using magnetic numbers or number tiles.




These number activities can be found {here}.
Math Centers Activity Pack: hands-on math centers for Kindergarten!

Check out my Pinterest boards, packed with more engaging learning activities!
Click the link below:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Free For All Friday

It's the last day of Teacher Week ~ Free For All Friday!

Today's post is meant to share a teaching printable I've made.
Confession time: newbie blogger = I don't know how to create a document to share.
So I will steal borrow one of my favourite ideas from Kindertastic.

Does anyone else have this emergency crisis occur daily in your classroom?
You know, when your student is reading a book, and a page gets amputated? This situation marks the end of the world, so, teacher, drop everything and fix it up....by the way, "I just found it like that, I didn't do it!"  :)
If this sounds like something that happens to you, I highly recommend one of these:
This is genius.
Students can calmly place their broken book into the Book Hospital and carry on with their day.
And you can fix the book when you have time.
You can find the downloadable bin label here.

On another note: I am having a really hard time commenting on people's blogs, unless their settings are open to anyone commenting...someone care to help me out here? Thanks!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three For Thursday

Today's topic is Three For Thursday. Here are my top picks in each category:

Favourite Font

I love the dots in this font. It's called Vingy, & you can get it here.

Favourite Blog
My favourite blog...What kind of question is that? We ALL rock!!!!

Favourite Online Resource
I like Puzzlemaker to customize word searches that have my students' names as the words to find.

I also like this link from Better Homes and Gardens. It allows you to make gorgeous labels of all sizes and shapes, and I've just finished re-labelling everything in my class as a result.
*picture from Better Homes & Gardens

Can't wait to see your favourite free fonts & online resources! Thanks for sharing!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Linky-Party {Pooper}

Today is Where It All Happens Wednesday, and I am a party-pooper.
I realize we are supposed to be sharing photos of our classrooms, but it's still summer vacation here! I don't begin teaching until September 7th, and we don't go in for meetings & classroom set-up until next week. Come back then to check it out!

Meanwhile, I'll just post some random pics  :)

Random picture #1
What do you think of this amazing birthday cake I received one year, made by a mom of one of my students? We celebrated my birthday during 'Dr. Seuss on the Loose' family activity hour.
Tastes as good as it looks.

Random picture #2
Several teachers have been blogging about their fancy clipboards & I have been asked about mine.

I got it last year from Home Sense. It came with a to do list pad. And I love it. 

Random enough for you?! LOL

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Three Tips for New Teachers

First let me say that I loved "meeting" you all yesterday on Meet The Teacher Monday.
I feel soooo much better knowing that I'm not the only diet soda drinking, Pinterest-addicted, organizing, chocoholic, shopaholic out there :)

That being said, here are my big three tips to share with new teachers for Teacher Talk Tuesday:
3 Smart Tips for new elementary teachers & a free download! #teachertips #teacherhacks #kindergarten #backtoschool #education #school #newteacher #classroom #classroomsetup

Don't try to do it all in the first year. Make time each day for yourself. Keep up with your hobbies & interests that don't involve work. {You will never listen to this advice, but you'll wish you had later on.}
Don't try to do it all yourself. Get inspiration from the great online resources available e.g. grade appropriate teaching sites & blogs.
Your students will love you. This love will manifest itself in gazillions of love notes, colored pictures, cards, & drawings. Make yourself a Love Notes binder. It's a great way to store your treasures & can be enjoyed by everyone, all year long. Snag the free cover page {here}!

Free Download! Teacher Love Notes binder cover for all those notes from your students!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Teacher Week: Meet the Teacher Monday

I am excited to participate in 'Teacher Week 2011' at Blog Hoppin'. Click here to join in! 
Meet The Teacher Monday

I wear many hats: I have been married for 15 years, and am the mother of 3 beautiful children. I am also a grand-daughter, daughter, sister, sister-in-law, niece, cousin, aunt, friend, colleague, teacher, one-week-old blogger, and Christian.
My teaching career: This September I will begin my 7th year teaching Kindergarten. I have also taught in Grades 1, 1/2, 2/3, 3, 5, and 7. (I get tired just reading that!)

I love to ~read books, magazines, teacher blogs :)
              ~take pictures
              ~enjoy the sights, smells, & sounds right in my own backyard
              ~organize and plan
              ~watch movies
              ~be with my family

You may not know: I get a little 'buzz' when I walk through the door of any teacher store, bookstore, and office supply store.        

This school year: I always look forward to starting "fresh" each September...this year even more so because I'll be using all of the great teaching ideas I've found on your amazing blogs! Thanks, guys! (Keep them coming :) I will be focussing on updating my Math and Literacy Centres this year.

Teaching Tools I can't live without: Let me start by saying I feel a little jealous to be reading about your Smartboards, laptops, iPads, etc.  On the top of my list is pocket charts! I have several, and I use them throughout the day for all kinds of reasons. My timer is great class management tool I use during centre time-it's a way to keep things moving without me saying a word. And I am always carrying my fancy clipboard, with my lesson plans and important papers attached (it also makes me look busy & important). HA!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

...More Hot Ideas

Here are some more things I've been working on this summer...
Word Work activities for Kindergarten- perfect for literacy centers!

(sight word practice)
A FUN Way to Incorporate Daily Sight Word Practice in Kindergarten!

Looking for a way to squeeze in extra reading practice throughout the day? Try High-Fives! My sight words have been mounted onto hand cut-outs. When a new sight word is introduced for the week, it is attached to the "Words To Know" chart with velcro. The chart hangs by the classroom door. When students exit the room during dismissal, they read the words aloud as they high-five the words on the way out.

(Guided Reading)
Story Map Anchor Chart {use sticky notes so it's reusable!}

I found this story map chart here @ Mrs. Roja's blog. This chart is an excellent way to review your book study from the Guided Reading portion of your day. It is also a great way to check your students' comprehension of the story. And the sticky notes allow for quick & easy changes from one story to the next! 

(alphabetical order)
iPod ABC order activity

Every Kindergartener needs an iPod to work with in class...right?!
Song titles are stored in alphabetical order, but these kid-friendly iPods store students' names. Students write the four listed names on the 'playlist' in alphabetical order, using wipe-off markers. See here for the iPod template and word lists @ TeacherTipster.com. 

Hands-on number making using geoboards & elastics!

I found these great geoboard number-making templates here. Students can practise making numbers, hand-eye coordination, and tactile learning...all in one.


Secret Code Spelling for word work
Students use this code guide to "write" words. This activity is a great way to practice spelling words, sight words, and even names. A downloadable copy of the spelling guide can be found here @ Mrs. Gilchrist's Class.

Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

Your little "surgeons", wearing (dust) masks, gloves, and using tweezers, work on their operating tray to piece together the broken bones...STAT!
These broken bones have students' names on them, but the activity would also work to piece together words  (onsets & rimes). 
Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

Students record the names/words they make on the 'Word Surgery Results' sheet, found here. Premade broken word bones can be found here. Thanks to Tunstall Times for the fun idea & downloads!
Word Doctor: a great hands-on literacy center!

All 'surgery tools' shown can be found at your local Dollarama.
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