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Monday, November 18, 2013

Five Senses

It is always so fun to teach the 5 Senses. Usually students are armed with good schema, showing a basic understanding of the senses and what parts of our bodies help us.
There are lots of good books that relate to the senses.
Here are a few that we've covered so far:
Free exploration time looks like this:
using magnifying glasses to check I Spy books
smelling jars
feely bags
(use only the sense of touch to identify the objects inside the bags)
sound jars
see more about these {here}
We have been working on a 5 Senses booklet to synthesize our learning.
Here are a few sample pages:

nostrils...or as one sweetie calls them 'snotstrils'

check out those taste buds!!!
You can find the whole booklet and craftivity {here}

Monday, November 11, 2013

Colour Word Recognition and More Literacy Centres

A short and sweet post to show you our latest round of literacy activities:
Brown Bear Write the Room

Brown Bear Letter Tiles {colour words}

ABC Writing Books

Rainbow Writing

Listening Centre
Literacy Activities Rotation Chart

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Brown Bear Colour Words, Sight Word Reader, and More Literacy Activities

This week we connected learning about our sense of sight with our guided reading book Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?
We celebrated 'Teddy Bear Day' to kick off our learning.
Using our teddy bears, we learned about size seriation:
and sorting by colour:
and classifying by type:
bears vs. non-bears
We read the book Brown Bear and sorted what characters are in the story vs. not in the story:
and practised colour words as well as see, I, and a with a take-home reader
making sure to colour the characters the correct colour!
Colour words were hidden around the room for our Write the Room activity.
Students match the colour word to the character's picture:
These book activities are from my Brown Bear Literacy Pack {here}
BOTH US & Canadian spelling is included.
Here are some more samples of what's inside:
sequence the characters in the story's order

trace the words & colour the pictures
To check out the whole pack, link up {here}

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Literacy Stations & More FREE Lists

Here are the latest literacy work stations my students have been working on:
I posted cards of Brown Bear characters with letters on them all over the classroom.
Students have to find the cards, match up the letter with the picture, and record it onto their response page.

This FUN activity is from Jayme at Kinderbabies. You can get it {here} for free! (Thanks, Jayme!)
This week, the listening centre is a little bit different. Which, of course, makes it special...and more fun! 
Students are engaged in an online storytime, at Barnes & Noble's website.
This round, they are listening to Pinkalicious, which is a perfect book to go along with all of the colour learning we've done in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
You can find the online storytime {here}. LOTS of great books are included- check it out!
I've mentioned this activity before {here}, but it is worth repeating!
Such detailed and FUN practice with letter recognition!
Students highlight the uppercase & lowercase letter from beginning to end.
These a'mazing' mazes :) are from {here}.
Are you a list-lover like me?
I just posted 7 free weekly and daily to-do lists, featuring my current favourites:
chevron, moroccan-style, polka-dots, damask, and gingham.
Here are a few samples:

You can download them {here} to keep that clipboard/binder looking cute!

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