Monday, February 04, 2013

Phonics + Exercise = Phonercise!

We are having a great time combining letter names, letter sounds, and excercise!
I made this chart for my class to follow along as we PHONERCISE:
'Phonercise' is a chant on Dr. Jean's CD Sing To Learn
Students say the letter's name as they raise their hands in the air
then touch their shoulders as they say the letter's sound
then touch the floor as they say the word that begins with that letter
Eg.'A' (name), a (sound), alligator
'B' (name), b (sound), ball
{As it is a chant, the CD really isn't necessary to do the activity}
I made the chart so that students could follow along and so that they know what word to say as they touch the floor.

Find the chart for FREE {here}
What a fun way to exercise both the mind and body at the same time.
Let's Phonercise!


Sharon McBee said...

Great chart! I love Dr. Jean!! I taught kindergarten for 12 years and used many of her songs and activities.

Sharon McBee

Buggy for First Grade

Pam said...

I have many of Dr. Jean's CD's also, and LOVE them. We like doing this song/activity, but I never can remember the words myself. Where can I get these great pictures?

Chelsey Heitkamp said...

This is a great idea! Great way to get the wiggles out too!

Fly on over when you get a chance...

Anita said...

Pam- check out my blog on Friday...I will be posting the chart as a freebie :)

Pam said...

Oh great! Can't wait. I will check back Friday for sure. Thanks so much.

Pam said...

Thank you Anita for sharing your Phonercise as a Freebie!

educator said...

I see you are physically involving the children in the learning process (total physical response). That is what I do, and children learn faster, retain more, stress is reduced, and drop out rates later in life decrease by 90% using this method.

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