Friday, September 28, 2012

Nursery Rhyme Olympic Games

To wrap up our Nursery Rhyme unit, my students participated in Nursery Rhyme Olympic games.
Here is a run-down of the events they participated in:
Students had to hold a ball between their knees, then waddle around the chair. Then they had to waddle back to the line & pass it to the next person.
I made a long line of candlesticks. Students ran & jumped over the candlesticks and then back again.
Balancing a ball on their spoon, they had to go as quickly as they could around the chair & back to the line without dropping the ball.
The first person had to run up and find the 'A', set it aside, and go back. The next person had to find the 'B', and so on until they made a row from A to Z.
The first person in each line had to put on a crown {as the king's horsemen}, then gallop {on their pretend horses} to a simple puzzle. They had to try to "put it back together again", then gallop back and pass the crown to the next person, until everyone had a turn.
Of course, the only way to cap off Olympic games is with an awards ceremony, where everyone received their gold medals.
The medals read 'Nursery Rhyme Olympic Champion'.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Number Recognition and Literacy Work Stations

 I can hardly believe we are almost finished our first month of school...and that it's FALL!
Here's what we've been up to this week in class:
Term one's expectation is to recognize numbers to 5...but since I had seven students at school, why not let everyone have one & practice to seven!?

I randomly handed out number cards to each student, then had them organize their numbers on the pocket chart in order.

I also had them arrange their numbers from highest to lowest. And to make it more challenging, I called out random numbers and they put their number on the chart if they had it.
{It was super easy for everyone, so next time I'll give them two cards each and go up to 14...shhh!}

The number cards can be found {here}.
The three stations my students are rotating through this week are:
First, they had to lay out alphabet flashcards all over the carpet area.

Then, they stood at the edge of the carpet and tried to toss the letter beanbag onto its matching flashcard. They had a blast!
The book we are doing this week is about Nursery Rhymes, and is a perfect one to wrap up our Nursery Rhyme unit. It is from Hubbard's Cupboard {here}.
The sentences begin with "This is" & then state which Nursery Rhyme.

They highlight the new sight words for the week in their booklets.
The sight words go onto our High Five chart, which is located beside our classroom door.
Every time they leave the classroom, they 'high five' the words as they read them, for extra practice {and fun!}

Find the High Five! chart {here}

Students listen to a story, then fill in a page to show what their favourite part of the story was, as well as if they liked the book.
I am so excited about the new alphabet cards I have displayed in my classroom.
They took awhile to create, but it was fun, and I LOVE how they turned out!
crazy for chevron!

Yes, I realize that was FIVE pictures of my alphabet.
Sorry about that. I told you I love it!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all TPT SALE!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Teaching Time to the Hour

Let me just say how annoyed I am that Blogger has changed...hate it so much!
Now that that is off my chest... :)
We continued our Nursery Rhyme theme study, and one favourite has been
This led to some fun learning about how to tell time to the hour.
First came some learning about the clock's hands and numbers earlier in the week.
As a follow-up lesson, I handed out mini-clocks to each student and had them show me the time I said.
Show me five o'clock...

We also made these clocks using velcro numbers {from Mrs. Williamson}.
The number pieces are stored in an old Play-doh container.

love how miss ponytails is checking our classroom clock for reference :)
Finished product!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back To School Read Alouds

Every day this month I have read a book about going to school.
Here are some of the books I've read to my class:

After each reading, we look at the story and compare it to our own experiences at school.
i.e. making connections--text-to-self
For example:
-do we take pets to school?
-how do we act at school compared to David?
-were we nervous to come to school, like Franklin?
I have also used Read Aloud time as a springboard for introducing
fiction vs non-fiction,
and my students have grasped this concept very well!
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