Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Father's Day Freebie!

For those of you who are still in school!!!  lucky enough to still be teaching during Father's Day, I have a fun freebie for you. :)

...and if you're not lucky like me, you could use this as a Father's Day gift from your own child!

Each year I have my students make a book, illustrated and mostly written by them.

These booklets are so sweet, and offer a glimpse of their Dads through their 5-year-old eyes.

Here are a few sample pages:

Want a free copy?

 It is a little similar to the Mother's Day freebie I posted about earlier.

-Mother's Day freebie- Canadian spelling

Hope someone out there can use it! Let me know if you do :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

WORDO Freebie & Mystery Word Game: Fun With Sight Words


A favourite sight word game I play with my students is what I call
Mystery Word.

 The Mystery Word is a Word Wall word, so this game is fantastic for extra sight word practice.
Each student is given a small chalkboard, a piece of chalk, and a chalk eraser. They listen for my clues as to what the Mystery Word is, then write down their guess and cover it up.

For example: I could say, "The Mystery Word begins with the letter d, and has two letters." They will look at the Word Wall, find the d words, and then look for a word that has two letters. If they think they know my Mystery Word, they write it down, and then cover it up.
When everyone seems to be ready, I ask "Who thinks they know what the Mystery Word is?" and choose someone to share their guess with the class.

If the answer is correct, I use my
announcer voice to make the big reveal.

eg. " Do is the Mystery Word, you are correct!"...and they all literally cheer.
It is so cute...they l.o.v.e. to be right!

Other sample clues I give include:
 The Mystery Word rhymes with....
The Mystery Word ends with ....
The Mystery Word has two e's in it .....
The Mystery Word is one letter, and it is uppercase {I}
The Mystery Word begins with ... and has ... syllables

After awhile I have students play this game with a partner. One person gives some clues while the other writes down their guess. Sometimes they have to give several clues, to narrow it down a bit. :) 



Another sight word game my students love to play is called WORDO....it's Bingo, but with words...get it?!

Get a copy of my gameboard here: WORDO

Students get a copy of the page and fill in each square with a Word Wall word {sight words}.
When their page is filled in, I have them check it over to be sure that they didn't use the same word twice.

When play begins, I call out a Word Wall word & print it on the chalkboard so they can all see it. Students check their pages to see if they have that word. If they do, they circle it. When someone has a row of three, they raise their hand and say "WORDO!" I have them read back to me the three words that they have in a row.

If they have a WORDO, they are the winner. I make the page double-sided so that we can play two rounds.

I also walk the room to check out how close people are getting to a WORDO. If they are close, I memorize the words NOT to call so that the game will last a bit longer. Shhhhh...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Secret Code Spelling & May I Take Your Order? Freebie Mania!


Victoria Day. A nice long weekend.....

{My children have said to me several times that it feels like we're on summer holidays. Nope, 4 1/2 weeks left to go!}

Here is our latest round of Literacy Work Stations in my classroom. Several work with May's theme: God's Gift of Food.


In Math we have been practising our addition skills, so this activity combines both addition and writing.

Students take turns ordering from the menu, while the other writes down their order and tallies up their bill.

menu cover

Here's what my menu looks like.
{The prices were all in dollars, for easy addition.}

Here's the order form.

If you'd like a copy of my menu and order form, click on the links below.


Our newest sight word book is all about our theme...FOOD.

We added the words on and my to our
high-five chart and Word Wall.

You can find the High Five chart {here}

Students highlighted the words on and my in their sight word books.

The sight word book is from Hubbards Cupboard, and is called


Students write, stamp, and decorate the newest sight words that we've learned.

The Write-Stamp-Decorate page is from Mrs. I.


Using the Secret Codes page I found last summer on Pinterest from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class, I created some secret codes for my students to figure out.
So fun!

secret code page from Mrs. Gilchrist

answer writing pages from me :)

my answer writing pages

the clues I made, based on Mrs. Gilchrist's code sheet


During our Guided Reading lessons, we've looked at several versions of The Little Red Hen and did some comparing/contrasting.

The students listened to a version of the story at the listening centre, then filled in this reader's response sheet from Mrs. Jump.

FYI: I have created bundles of month-long literacy centres, to make things easy for Kindergarten teachers!
The packs include literacy activities in these 5 areas of learning:
1)Writing 2)Listening to reading 3) Word work (sight words) 4) Phonics/alphabet 5) Phonemic awareness
The packs are laid out, week by week, for the entire month. They include 5 stations for students to rotate through per week, with all of the components you’ll need for each activity.
Assessment tools are included to help keep learning on track and to keep your students accountable.
Learning is spiraled throughout the month, to help students build on their prior learning. 
Check out the first pack in the series {here}

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bible Memory Verses Freebie

My students learn Bible verses each week as part of their Memory Work mark.
I start with a verse beginning with 'A', and we continue right through until 'Z'. 
I begin assigning verses in November, and assign one per week until June.

{This also serves as a little countdown to the end of the school year...I can tell how many weeks are left of school by what verse we are on} :) 

Here is an overview of our Memory Work Bible verses.

If you'd like a copy of this activity, you can find them here.
Each verse is printed on a separate page, and can be distributed to the students. An overview of the verses is available for your own reference.

We are on letter 'X'...can you guess what that means?? 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Storage...How I Love Thee

As primary-grade teachers, we all know how important classroom storage can be.

Let's face it, our grades require a lot of "stuff". This is due to the hands-on learning that takes place, and all of those manipulatives, games, and activities need a home.

{This gets especially tricky when you're like me, who has to share a classroom...}

Ikea to the rescue!!!  


Here is a before shot of my writing centre.

The table is pretty full!

Dollar Store trays for every kind of paper: lined, plain, thematic writing, and colouring pages.


This Trofast storage system holds all of these types of paper AND all of the classroom pointers for Write-The-Room. Look how much room is on the table now.

I bought two more of these storage systems on Kijiji, for less than half the price. Woot! Woot!
{I think Kijiji may be the Canadian version of Craigslist??}

The first one is filled with activities for Literacy stations, including syllable learning, word work, alphabet learning, and rhyme activities.

The second unit is filled with Math items, including tubs for time, money, number learning, patterns, and various math mats.

These units go perfectly with the Ikea storage I posted about earlier in the year.

They work as a divider between the carpet area and play area...

...and provide lots of storage space!

More classroom storage items from Ikea:

Pails to hold markers, pencils, erasers, crayons, & glue sticks.

The classroom helpers carry these pails around the room, distributing the items as needed.

I use one pail for name highlighting.

This Ikea holder is on my Writing Centre table. It holds pencils, index cards with the students' names, and folders with words that go with the month's theme.

This is not from Ikea, but I want to share a tip about desk storage.
I have had this organizer on my desk for many years. {I purchased it from Target, while on a trip to Florida.}In the front portion I had pictures of my 3 kids. Over time, the pictures began to fade badly. Not to mention what a pain it was to change them every year.

I took some scrapbook paper and cut to size. I'm really happy with how it looks now! No more faded, ruined pictures.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Math Work Stations: Get them for free!

Anyone else's students showing a little too much energy lately??

Mine are.

Just a tad.

Our current Math Work Stations, found online as FREE downloads.
A big thank-you to those who share their work!

Students 'park' their dominoes in the parking spaces that have the same number.
You can get the parking lot here, from Mathwire.com.

Students attached links to correspond with the number, number word, or amount of dots on their cards.
A great tactile, hands-on activity!
These cards can be downloaded from Childcareland.

I found some *free* food-themed file folder games at Preschool Printables:
Students count the seeds and find the corresponding number card to match.
Same idea, but with pepperoni.

This activity is done on a small pocket chart. Students match the addition sentence with its sum.
I purchased this super cute owl version for under $2 (on sale) from Doodle Bugs Teaching.

Students each take a monster math mat. On their turn they roll the dice, then add the 2 numbers together. When they have figured out the sum, they take that amount of wiggle eyes and put them on their monster. 
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