Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spin-A-Word Freebie & More Literacy Work Stations

The literacy work stations my students have been busy with this rotation are outlined below.

If you like them, there are several freebies included!


I put magnetic letters into a drawstring bag {that students could not see into}. They took turns reaching inside and drawing a letter. The letter was put on a magnetic board so that everyone in the group could see what it was.

Using bingo markers, students found the letter on their sheet and marked it with a dot. The activity continued until all the letters had been found & stamped.

This page could also be used as a magazine search, where students cut out letters from magazines and glue them onto the alphabet page.


This activity was beyond fun!

I made a sheet of sight words and put it into a paper tray.
Students took turns spinning a top, then recording on a graph what word it landed on.

Play continued until one of the columns was filled in.

If you are interested in an alphabet version of this activity, click {here}!


My sight word lesson format is described in this post.

This time, we worked on Hubbard's Cupboard sight word book called Seeds.

It introduces our new sight word, which we proceeded to put on our High-Five chart.

 The High Five chart set can be found {here}


I purchased a fantastic CVC set from the company Really Good Stuff. It works great with letter tiles.

I had my students make the words on the CVC cards, then print the word onto their sheet.


This round our listening centre includes the story Arthur's Tooth.

Students listened to the story, then filled in this listening centre story response page from Mrs. Jump.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mother's Day Ideas & A Freebie!

For several years I made a Mother's Day Recipe Book as a Mother's Day gift.

the 'ingredients' were my students

I had each student tell me their favourite food that their mom makes, then dictate how she makes it. Their submission was accompanied with a picture of the child wearing a chef's hat as well as a brief bio.

Here are some of the entries from past years:

Cute? Yes.
Hilarious? Quite.
Time consuming?

As a separate activity, I had each student answer questions about their mom, and I filled in their answers.

Here is a sample:
This is actually the one my daughter made for me several years ago.
She was BANG ON with her answers (well, besides my height, lol)

Most students were not bang on.
In fact, I wonder if they've even met their mothers.

Apparently, most moms prefer to shop at: the grocery store.
Favourite thing to do: play with me, closely followed by nap.
Age of most moms: 16
TV show: Oprah


Over the past couple of years, I nixed the cookbook and expanded on the questionnaire portion, turning it into a Mother's Day booklet.

These booklets are not nearly so labour-intensive, yet are totally adorable and provide a special glimpse of each Mom through their 5-year old's eyes!

Here are a few sample pages:

Want a FREE copy?

Click here for Canadian spelling {favourite, colour}
Click here for US spelling {favorite, color}

Hope someone out there can use it! Let me know if you do :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Two-in-One & Spring Freebie

I didn't get a chance to post my March or April math work here they all are.
A two-in-one post!



Using beads and string, students replicated the patterns that were shown on their pattern cards.


A board game as a math centre? Why not!
This game is great practice for counting forward /adding and for 'taking away'.


Students used a scale and various-sized beads to compare weight and practise measurement.


Students took turns clipping a clothespin onto a sticker. The rest of their group members named the ordinal number indicated. My previous post about this activity can be seen here
I made the activity last summer, after finding it on Pinterest, then here at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.
That Reagan is so smart!



Students used Link N Learn links to recreate patterns found on their pattern cards.


I made this flower roll-the-dice game for students to roll the die, then colour in the amount of flowers indicated on the die. They were VERY competitive :)

Want a copy? Click here.


Students took a flower card and wrote down the time that was shown onto their time sheet.
You can find this activity here.

This time activity is generously shared @ Inspired by Kindergarten. It is just one small part of a fantastic FREE package of April activites...check it all out here


I found several free spring-themed dot-to-dot worksheets online.
Students had fun completing these & then colouring them in.


Students made pictures using shape pattern blocks. I copied these from a book and mounted them for use in our math centres.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hula Hoop Car Road Trip

This year my school is reviewing its PE curriculum, and I have been poring over my program to make sure that the PE skill criteria are being met within my lessons. One website that has been a TREMENDOUS help to me is Just look under lesson ideas and grade level to find hundreds of PE lesson ideas. You can do a search for lessons based on what skill you'd like to teach, or by what equipment you have to use.

 One fave of my Kindergarten class this year has been the
 Hula Hoop Car Road Trip.

Each student {or pair of students, if you don't have enough hoops} holds a hula hoop around their waist. The hula hoop is the car that they will use to travel around the gym.

The hula hoop helps students to stay in their own personal space. As they travel around the gym, I call out a driving term for them to act out.

winding road
These girls are turning from side to side, as they negotiate the corners of their winding road!

bumpy road
These two are jumping up and down as they drive over the bumps in the road.

When it's raining, students drop their hoops and use their arms to make windshield wipers.

stuck in the mud
When their car is stuck in the mud, they need jog in place.

out of gas
When their cars are out of gas, they have to stop the car & sit down.

Other actions include: flat tire: hop on one foot and spinning a donut: spin the hoop around waist.

Of course, there are times to just drive around and enjoy the ride as well!
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