Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm IT!

A fun game of tag is circling blogland...and it's my turn to be IT.

I've been tagged by Shawna at The Picture Book Teacher's Edition. Thanks for including me Shawna!

Rules of the Game:
1. Post the rules.
2. Post 12 fun facts about yourself in your blog post.
3. Answer the questions that the tagger has set for you in their post; then create 12 new questions for the people that you tag.
4. Tag 12 people and link them in your post.
5. Let them know that you've tagged them.

12 Fun Facts About Me:
1. Favourite blog post from my own blog: Hearing...and Shopping For Antiques What started out as a positive post about sound slowly turned into a realization that it may be time to update that area a little...
2. Favourite blog post I've read on another blog: "Going Postal" @ A Teeny Tiny Teacher, hands down. CSI -FIRST GRADE. Bahahahah
3. Favourite breakfast cereal: Honey Nut Cheerios
4. Favourite activity: reading
5. Favourite teaching tool: pocket charts
6. Favourite new TV show: Revenge 
7. Favourite old TV show: The Cosby Show
8. Favourite font: guess what

9. Favourite place to eat out: Swiss Chalet

10. Favourite season: spring {I miss birds, blooms, lilacs, buds, butterflies...}
11. Favourite holiday: Christmas {is it too early to start counting down?!}
12. Favourite candle: {one of many}

This is from Target...hope I can get it here in Canada when they open stores here next year. Woot!

Shawna's 12 Questions For Me:
1. Are you a reading workshop school or do you teach using a reading series? I know that the older grades use a reading series, however in Kindergarten I get to do whatever I want!!! Love it!
2. What are your school hours? School begins at 8:20AM and dismissal is at 3:40. I have to be at school  from 8AM-4PM.
3. What is your favorite subject to teach? I love teaching all aspects of Language Arts.
4. What is your favorite picture book to read to your class? Tough call! One of my faves is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr.
5. Why did you start blogging? I'm a fairly new blogger- I started my blog in mid-August. I had discovered several great teaching blogs over the summer, and felt that I could contribute ideas gleaned from my 15+ years of teaching.
6. How many students do you have in your class? I started the year with 10 boys & 10 girls {20 kids}; I'm now holding steady at 21 students... 
7. What is a typical lunch that you bring to school? I am soooo lazy about my own lunches, that a typical lunch for me is crackers!
8. Do you watch the presidential debates? I don't. {I am from Canada...I don't watch the leaders debates for our federal elections either}.
9. Coffee or tea? Tea.
10. Who is your favorite Sesame Street character? Why? I like Grover! I love his voice and he's cute and one of my favourite books growing up was The Monster At The End Of This Book.
11. Would you rather get roses or daisys? Daisies are my favourite!
12. Salty or sweet? Both! I go back & forth between cravings for chocolate and potato chips.

People I'm Tagging:
1. Jessica at The Littlest Scholars
3. Jenna at Klassy Kinders
6. Jessica at Welcome to Room 36!
9. Heather at Heather's Heart
10. Mrs. Patton at Mrs. Patton's Patch
11. Crystal at Kreative in Kinder
12. Lauryn at Paste and Pearls

Your 12 Questions From Me!
1. What do you do on your summer vacation?
2. What is your favourite restaurant?
3. What would your job be if you were not a teacher?
4. What is the worst part of being a teacher?
5. What is the best part of being a teacher?
6. What do you do to unwind after a day at school?
7. Where is your favourite place to shop?
8. What do you drive?
9. Who is your Hollywood crush?
10. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?
11. What is one of your favourite books?
12. What is your favourite movie?

YOU'RE IT!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I just want to let all of my 300+  Pinterest followers know that I have changed my 'School' Pinterest board up a bit.

I've been pinning so much on one board that the time has come to sort through my pins and organize them by term. So if you are following my 'School' board, you will see that it is still there, but many items have been moved to other 'School' boards that are organized by term.

If you click on the button on the left, it will take you to ALL of my boards. You can decide from there what you'd like to follow! :)

Hope this makes sense...and I hope I didn't mess anyone up!

Happy pinning everyone!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowman Art

I want to start by thanking Mrs. Cole at Coles Little Pups for awarding me the Versatile Blogger award! I am so honoured! You can see who I passed it on to here.

Last week my class worked on some Snowman Art. This art activity was led by a parent/former teacher.

My students started by covering a large white paper with modge podge, using a large paintbrush. They covered the modge podge with rectangles of tissue paper. The tissue paper colours we used were light blue, dark blue, and light purple, to create a winter sky effect. The students were told to overlap the pieces of tissue as they arranged them onto their paper.

When their page was filled, they painted modge podge over the entire sheet once more, to give it a shiny effect.

As their papers dried, my students set to work creating snowmen. They used pre-drawn circles which they had to cut out and assemble as the snowman's body. They added details to their snowman using scraps of construction paper.

The finished snowmen were added to the tissue paper covered background. This is how they turned out when finished:

Here they are on display in the Art Room:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The purpose of my experiment was twofold.

Number One

We have been studying The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, and I wanted to highlight the part in the story where Peter takes a snowball into his house to save it for later.

I got a clear glass and took it outside. We scooped snow into it. I explained to the class that this glass is like Peter's pocket. We would take it indoors and check on it later.

We put it aside, and resumed our learning. After activity centre time was over, we checked on our "pocket" of snow.

No surprises here.
Like every good Canadian child, my students are well-versed in the snow-melting phenomena.

Number Two

My students eat snow. They lick it, suck on their mittens, toss handfuls of snow into the air and catch it in their mouths.

So I decided to show them what their pure white yummy snow is really made out of.
I passed around the cup, and had the children peek inside.

"Who wants to drink this glass of water?" I asked.
Surprisingly, no one did.
"This is what goes into your stomach when you eat snow."

"I don't eat snow."
"I don't either."
"I never eat snow. But my brother does."

Find a FREE book study of The Snowy Day {here}

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentine's Day Set freebie

I know Valentine's Day is weeks away, but I wanted to share this with you!

This gives you lots of time to laminate :)

I've use the heart graphics from Frog Spot and have created
Read-The Room and Write-The-Room activites.


Using Valentine pointers, students read the sight-word hearts that are posted around the classroom. Wearing heart-shaped sunglasses while reading-the-room makes this activity even more fun!
The cutie in the yellow sweater is my daughter when she was in my Kindergarten class, in 2006.
click the heart to download the word hearts


Mount the sight-word hearts around the classroom. Using clipboards and a recording sheet, students search the room for words and record them on their page.

I've included pages that cover various skills, such as:
alphabetical order, word scrambles, copying sight words, finding words with a specific amount of letters
click on the heart to download the writing pages


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Literacy Work Stations!

Here are the literacy work stations that my class is working on for the next five-day rotation:
Word Doctor

My little "surgeons", wearing (dust) masks, gloves, and using tweezers, work on their operating tray to piece together the broken bones...STAT!
They print the 'fixed' words on this page.
These broken bones have my students' names on them, but the activity would also work to piece together words  (onsets & rimes).

All 'surgery tools' shown can be found at your local Dollarama.
 You can find downloads of the bones & clipboard here, from Regan at Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits.

Write The Room
Snowflakes with sight words are "hidden" around the classroom.
Students take a write-the-room sheet and try to find the snowflake words & copy them onto their charts.
My write-the-room pages are available here and here. They were my first *freebies*!
Listening Centre
We are currently doing a book study on The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.
Students listen to the story, then work on my mini activity pack.
It's a freebie! Check it out {here}

Alphabet Centre
This activity centre includes practice with beginning sounds:
ending sounds
vowel sounds
and missing letters.
Click {here} to check it out!

Sight Word Book
Our sight word booklet is called At School, featuring the new sight words we & will.

The book is from Hubbard's Cupboard, and can be found here.
See here for how this activity is presented...any why there is a tiara involved :)

FYI: I have created bundles of month-long literacy centres, to make things easy for Kindergarten teachers!
The packs include literacy activities in these 5 areas of learning:
1)Writing 2)Listening to reading 3) Word work (sight words) 4) Phonics/alphabet 5) Phonemic awareness
The packs are laid out, week by week, for the entire month. They include 5 stations for students to rotate through per week, with all of the components you’ll need for each activity.
Assessment tools are included to help keep learning on track and to keep your students accountable.
Learning is spiraled throughout the month, to help students build on their prior learning. 
Check out the first pack in the series {here}

Monday, January 16, 2012

Winter Friends! ~freebie included

This week my class worked on a "winter" version of a self portrait.
They were given a snowsuit template and were to colour it using the same colours as their own outdoor clothing that they wear in the snow... including the coat, snowpants, mittens, and boots.

Then I took cupcake liners and gave them a picture of their face to glue inside

so that it looks like they are wearing their hoods. So cute!

Here is our Winter Friends bulletin board:
If you'd like a template of the snowsuit outline, you can grab it {here.}
You could even pair up the pictures with a writing activity--have your students tell about their  favourite winter activity.

You know, in case the Curriculum Cops are headed your way.
 Knock, knock. :)
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