Monday, November 05, 2012

We're Glad Winter Is Coming...Um, Say What?!

It was time to change out our turkey bulletin board. Thanksgiving was over weeks ago, Halloween is over, and the beautiful autumn leaves have fallen off the trees and turned brown. Fall feels very over.
Bye bye turkey!
Up next...We're Glad Winter is Coming!
{We, as in my students. Not the teacher so much. Except for the hot chocolate.}
inspired by Pinterest
My students made some mugs, then decorated them with fall pictures {snowmen, snowballs, etc.}
Some mugs have 'steam' curling from them, others have marshmallows.
Under each mug of hot chocolate is a student response form as to why they are glad winter is coming.
 I'm glad winter is coming because I can make a snowman.
I'm glad winter is coming because I can play outside in the snow.

I'm glad winter is coming because I like to drink hot chocolate.
{No, I didn't make that last one. But that's exactly what I would've written!}  


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