Friday, October 12, 2012

Literacy Work Stations

I have been asked to share how I run my activity work stations, specifically how I organize the chart that shows who goes where.
Here is what my Literacy Activity chart looks like today:
I use a half-page header {in chevron, of course}. LOL
I have my class divided up into small groups of 3-4 students, with 3 activities running at once.
{Most years my groups have 4-5 students in each group, with 5 activities running at once.}
I have found this to be the simplest way to organize my work stations.
Students are to work in one station at a time. When time is up, I simply move the activity card over one spot, and students know what activity they will be in next.

The activity cards include both words and pictures to aid my visual learners and ELL students.
You can find ALL 36 activity cards as well as full-page and half-page station header cards 



Liz Mccaw said...

Your cards are perfect! Thanks for sharing. Liz :)

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