Friday, October 19, 2012

Chit Chat Chart {Punctuation}

We have been having a lot of fun with our Chit Chat Charts this year.
Here's one from the day after we got back from Thanksgiving holidays:
I try to have the students involved with the messages, and this time I asked a question, where they could come up & write their name under their answer.
I also noticed that all of my sentences ended with different punctuation marks {period or pyramid, as my kids like to call it, exclamation mark, and question mark}, so a lesson on punctuation evolved from our chart.
They thought it was funny how our voice changes when we read aloud using the different punctuation marks.
{Our poor ELL student probably thinks we're all crazy.}
After working with the Chit Chat Chart, I told my students to grab a book off of the bookshelf, and to look for punctuation in their book.
Boy were they surprised that these markings were in their books- they hadn't noticed them before!

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