Friday, May 25, 2012

WORDO Freebie & Mystery Word Game: Fun With Sight Words


A favourite sight word game I play with my students is what I call
Mystery Word.

 The Mystery Word is a Word Wall word, so this game is fantastic for extra sight word practice.
Each student is given a small chalkboard, a piece of chalk, and a chalk eraser. They listen for my clues as to what the Mystery Word is, then write down their guess and cover it up.

For example: I could say, "The Mystery Word begins with the letter d, and has two letters." They will look at the Word Wall, find the d words, and then look for a word that has two letters. If they think they know my Mystery Word, they write it down, and then cover it up.
When everyone seems to be ready, I ask "Who thinks they know what the Mystery Word is?" and choose someone to share their guess with the class.

If the answer is correct, I use my
announcer voice to make the big reveal.

eg. " Do is the Mystery Word, you are correct!"...and they all literally cheer.
It is so cute...they l.o.v.e. to be right!

Other sample clues I give include:
 The Mystery Word rhymes with....
The Mystery Word ends with ....
The Mystery Word has two e's in it .....
The Mystery Word is one letter, and it is uppercase {I}
The Mystery Word begins with ... and has ... syllables

After awhile I have students play this game with a partner. One person gives some clues while the other writes down their guess. Sometimes they have to give several clues, to narrow it down a bit. :) 



Another sight word game my students love to play is called's Bingo, but with words...get it?!

Get a copy of my gameboard here: WORDO

Students get a copy of the page and fill in each square with a Word Wall word {sight words}.
When their page is filled in, I have them check it over to be sure that they didn't use the same word twice.

When play begins, I call out a Word Wall word & print it on the chalkboard so they can all see it. Students check their pages to see if they have that word. If they do, they circle it. When someone has a row of three, they raise their hand and say "WORDO!" I have them read back to me the three words that they have in a row.

If they have a WORDO, they are the winner. I make the page double-sided so that we can play two rounds.

I also walk the room to check out how close people are getting to a WORDO. If they are close, I memorize the words NOT to call so that the game will last a bit longer. Shhhhh...


Mrs. Cupcake said...

Cute game idea!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Lori said...

Great ideas! We do a version of the Mystery Word called Guess My Word. Love Wordo too! Thank you for sharing these. :)
Conversations in Literacy

Lisa R. said...

Aww that's adorable! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Jessica Stanford said...

Adorable idea!!

Jessica Stanford
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Michele said...

Great ideas! My children love when we play "Mind Reader" which is the same as your "Mystery Word" except we do not write them down...I think I will add that for next year!

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