Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gumball Words & Other Literacy Work Stations

We're back from March Break, and are back at learning!

Here are my latest Literacy Work Stations:


Using a label-maker, I printed ten sight words and stuck them onto decorative gems. I added several gems that had no words on them as well.

Students took turns turning the dial until a 'gumball' came out. If it had a sight word on it, all students in the group printed the word onto their gumball page.

You can find the gumball page at Mrs. I's blog.

If the 'gumball' was blank, no action was taken...they were added simply to heighten anticipation :)

I 'hid' several rhyme cards around the classroom.
Students searched the classroom for the cards. When a card was found, students filled in the page to determine if the pictures rhymed or not. Find the activity in this pack {here}.


I looked all over for a sight word book introducing the word am, & found this great one at

You can find details of my sight word lessons here.


Students enjoyed listening to One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

They then filled in a reader's response form, found at Mrs. Jump's blog.


I created several puzzles for students to practice their word-finding skills. 

One puzzle included all of our Sight Words to date, one was a list of the girls in our class, and one was made up of the boys in our class.

The FREE puzzle-making website I used to create these word searches is: Lakeshore Learning.

FYI: I have created bundles of month-long literacy centres, to make things easy for Kindergarten teachers!
The packs include literacy activities in these 5 areas of learning:
1)Writing 2)Listening to reading 3) Word work (sight words) 4) Phonics/alphabet 5) Phonemic awareness
The packs are laid out, week by week, for the entire month. They include 5 stations for students to rotate through per week, with all of the components you’ll need for each activity.
Assessment tools are included to help keep learning on track and to keep your students accountable.
Learning is spiraled throughout the month, to help students build on their prior learning. 
Check out the first pack in the series {here}


FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

I need that gumball machine!!!
First Grade Blue Skies

sandi said...

I love the gumball sight word idea. I am going to keep my eyes open for a gumball machine at the right price. I also like your king of ing crowns. My kids love hunting for "ings" - we draw a crown around them.
I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award. Check it out on my blog.

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Joy of Life said...

I love all your photos, especially the "king if ing" and the Seuss "fish". They turned out great. I need to do better with adding photos, lol. I am your newest follower.

Joy of Life 2011

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