Sunday, November 20, 2011

Art: Eric Carle Style

Here is an art activity to go along with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, a book we've been using in class to correspond with our 5 Senses theme. This art activity was led by a parent volunteer/former teacher.

Last month my students covered a large white sheet of paper using two shades of brown paint. They proceeded to move the paint around using a variety of textured items. The sheets ended up like this:

Templates were traced onto the back of the paper: 2 hind legs, 2 front legs, a body, and a head.

Students cut out the pieces and arranged them to create brown bear.

They added some grass to the bottom of a sheet of paper

and glued their bears onto the new page

Using pastels, they added some details- eyes and a nose. They used extra scraps of the brown painted paper to make the bear's ears and tail.

Here are some of their creations

(some pictures are before the ears & tails were added, and some after)

 Bulletin board display:
Thank you Mrs. J! What a great display!


Anonymous said...

Did you have particular templates for the bears body parts? I loved this activity and have tried to recreate with my special needs students. Maybe not so successful first time around but we will get better.

Anita said...

The outlines were pre-drawn onto the paper, so that the students just had to cut along the lines. {This activity was led by a classroom volunteer parent, so I'm not sure if she had used a template for the outlines or if she just drew it all free-hand}.

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