Wednesday, October 26, 2011

We're Going On A Leaf Hunt

Another October book study we do as a class is We're Going On A Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger.
As with "We're Going On A Bear Hunt", the children in the story embark on a hunt that leads them to various settings. The story's pattern makes it a great springboard for introducing students to story flow maps.

Here is the story flow map we did for this book:
The pictures and arrows have velcro on the back of them, so that students can place them in order on the flow chart as the story is read.
The characters in the story encounter a skunk and retrace their steps all the way back home. At this point in the story, the students can manipulate the arrows to show the new direction that the story takes:

We sorted leaves by size, shape, and colour.

...then went on a "real life" leaf hunt around the schoolyard!
{Thankfully ours was skunk free}


preschoolrocks said...

Would you be willing to share your printables for the story flow map you created for "We're Going On a Leaf Hunt?" I just love them! I teach a small preschool group out of my home and we will be reading this story in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Is there a printable version of your flow chart? We would love to use this idea!
Kayla Burdette

Anita said...

Thanks for your interest- I am working on a book companion for this story and it will include (a much nicer) flow chart :) If you follow my TPT store, you will receive notification when it is posted:

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